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Birthdate:Feb 26, 1994
Website:my tumblr
21, female, community college art student
I live with my family of nine, including me and our three dogs.

Just say the world and I will spam you with pictures of these pooches.

Currently reading: Daily Life in Ancient Rome, A World of Ice and Fire
Currently watching: Wolverine and the X-Men, Daredevil on Netflix.
Currently playing: Fallout Shelter, Dragon Age: Inquisition
Currently listening to: the Strokes

To read: Nietzche's essays, textbooks (noooooooooo)
To watch: We Bare Bears, Gravity Falls
To play: The Last of Us
Music to buy: The Pixies' entire library mmmmyes

(feel free to give me suggestions!)

Favorite color: red, sometimes pink and purple
Favorite movie: the Incredibles
Favorite movie series: Star Wars
Favorite tv show: Steven Universe
Facorite band/musician: DOn't MAKe ME cHOoSE
Favorite video game: Dragon Age: Origins
Favorite writer: Douglas Adams
Favorite artist: Picasso
Favorite work of art: Nighthawks by Edward Hopper
Favorite aesthetic: De Stijl
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